Artist Statement



   "I see everything through the mirror."

    İsmet Doğan was born in 1957 in Adiyaman (Turkey). He graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul in 1983. In 1987 he received a French Government Scholarship in Paris where he spent two years. In the 1980s, under the influence of Dadaism, İsmet Doğan created collage, graffiti, and assemblage used ready-mades and works on the problematic of culture, tradition and history by plastic means. As a thinker his attention was drawn by the aspects of violence and trauma, especially during the century of westernization and modernization in Turkey. He approached to modern cultural phenomenon reactively and critically. By introducing Latin letters for instance into his art, Doğan revealed the language reform in Turkey in the beginning of the 20th century as a political vehicle of a social engineering which subsequently caused the nation an alienation from its own culture. Thus seeing in this a violent political act which resulted in trauma. In terms of Doğan’s critics of modernism, written letters assembled to words (as Logos or Ba^Ba) or scattered randomly over the canvas stay an essential component of his oeuvre till today. In 1990s, after receiving the French Government Scholarship, he did not intent to stay in Paris but returned to his native country and resided in Istanbul.

    Here an installation as a form of realization of his artwork assumed ever greater importance for Doğan’s art practice. “What I am trying to do as an artist is a sort of intervention or modification of the existing visuality” - so Ismet Doğan. In 2000s he integrated another critical dimension into his artwork; especially interested on the subject of colonialism he approached a strategy of art historical references and cinematographic material alteration.

     Doğan undertakes a change by integration of his own image into the filmstrip commenting thus on the identification and empathy with movie characters and at the same time on the hegemony of western visual culture. On the other hand the movie material gaines thus a status of an art motif. A mirror has one of the most essential roles as a working material for Doğan. In the half-matt or transparent, convex and concave mirrors the viewer is reflected, multiplied, and confronted with his own body as a stranger and even more, operating as something else, namely as a part of an artwork. Recent projects: Eat Me (2012), All is External (2011), Close Up (2008), Penetratum (2006). Neither inside nor outside my body (2006) presenting photography, painting, sculpture, video, and installation. Ismet Dogan lives and works in Istanbul.



1957 Born in Adiyaman, Turkey, lives and works in Istanbul
1978-1982 Marmara University,Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul
1988-1989 Fine Arts, Paris (French Goverment Scholarship)
  Selected Exhibitions And Projects:
1985 “Painting Exhibitions”, Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul and Ankara
1987 “Time Paintings”,  Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
1988 “Paint- Material- Medium”, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
1990 “Painting Exhibitions”, Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir
1992 “Camera Lucida/Voyeurism/Body/Power”, Installation, Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
                               “History/Origin/Geography/Identity” InstallationTaksim Art Gallery, Istanbul                          
                               “Camera Lucida/Voyeurism/Body/Power”, Installation, Urart Art Gallery, Ankara
1993 “Death and Art”, Installation, City Museum of Skopje, Macedonia
1994 “Mimesis/ Image/Simulacra/Mirror”, Arrangement, Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
1995 “Orientalux”, Installation, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul
1996  “Labirent-City-Language”, Installation, Miror, Glass, Acetate-Map, 10,5mx10,5cm I.T.U. Taskisla, for Habitat, Istanbul

“Book-Medium”, Logos (Aphasia)- Semion (Asemasia)- (Non) Comm/uni/cati/on, Installation, Avrupa Passage, Istanbul                      

 1997 “The Lost Of Body- Desiring Machines”, Photo Albüm-Mobile Exhibition, Istanbul
  “Flesh- Castration- Abjection”, AKM Art Gallery, Istanbul
  “Medium: Writing-Body”(Scripture e corps), Mobile Exhibition Book

“Lapsus”, (one-day exhibition), “The Painting-Act”,Exhibition, Dolmabahçe Culture Center, Istanbul, Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul

  “Medium: Writing-Body”, Book
2003 “TRGD:ZMN=MKN” PG art Gallery,Istanbul
2006 “Penetratum - Neither inside nor ouside of my body” G-Art Gallery, Istanbul
2008 “Close Up”, “Cinema Posters”, Installation, Karşı Art, Istanbul
2011 “All is External: Yerim Seni”, Alanİstanbul, Istanbul
2012 “Eat Me”, Mim Art & Antiques, İstanbul
2012 “Fragments”,Yeşilçam - Installation in Cinema, İstanbul
  Selected Group Exhibitions And Projects:
1981 “New Tendencies”, Istanbul Art Festival, Istanbul
1982 “Home Decoration”, Golden Palette Competition, Istanbul, (3 Mentions), Abdi İpekçi Friendship and Peace Prize, AKM Istanbul, (Awards of Merit)
1983 “Our Problems“ Painting Competition, TMMOB, Istanbul (First Prize)
  Mersin Fest Painting Competition, Mersin (Honorary Prize)
  DYO Competition, Istanbul (Mention)
  Golden Palette Competition, Baraz Gallery, Istanbul (First Prize)
1984 “A Selection of Turkish Paintings since 1950”, Alarko Gallery, Istanbul,
  “Camera Lucida/Voyeurism/Body”, Iktidar Gallery, Istanbul (Mention)
  Talens Painting CompetitionCumali Gallery, Istanbul (Award of Merit)
  Vakko Competition, Vakko Gallery, Istanbul (Mention)
  Golden Brush Competition, Hürriyet Gösteri Art Magazine , Tabar Gallery, Istanbul (Mention)
1985 “New Tendencies”, Istanbul Art Festival, Istanbul
  DYO CompetitionOdakule Trade Center, Istanbul (Prize)
1986 “Modernization Process in Turkish Painting”AKM, Istanbul
1988 “A Selection of Contemporary Turkish Painting”, Mi-Ge Gallery, La Haye, Holland
1989 “A Retrospection of Recent Turkish Art”Beytem Gallery, Istanbul
1990 Bodies”, Urart Gallery,  Istanbul
1991  Maja-Transmission”, Installation, Urart Gallery,  Istanbul
1992 Serotonin II”, Installation, Gazhane, Istanbul
1993 Mémoire SouvenirII”, Exhibition, Installation, No.50, Akaret Houses, IstanbulCurated by V. Kortun
  Writing and Difference”, Installation, Gallery B, İstanbulCurated by S. Milevska
1995 Globalization; StateMiseryViolence, Installation,Devlet Han, IstanbulCurated by A. Akay
1996 “The Other, Antrepo, Tophane, Istanbul
   Medium”, Performance, “Performance Days I”, AKM, Istanbul
1997 ChiasmExhibition Artisan Art Gallery, Istanbul
  Hommage a Ockeghem” Exhibition, Grand Place a Saint- Ghislain, Produced by Dewart Gallery, Belgium
  Intra-Medium-The Lost Of Body”, Performance, “Performance Days II”,   Darphane, Istanbul
  DesiringMachines”, Installation-Performance, Yıldız TechnicalUniversity, Istanbul
1998 “A Special Day”, Exhibition, “Happy is a man who calls himself a Turk!”, . Sound Installation, Istanbul Daily Art Library, Istanbul - Curated by V.Kortun
  “The Imagination of Republic Exhibition “Writing-Body” Series Urart Art Galeri, Istanbul - Curated by A. Akay
2000 JonTurk / Export Revolution”, 450 Broadway Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
2001 “The Modern TurkTurkish Art in the SecondHalf of the Twentieth Century” Exhibition, Istanbul
2003 “Istanbul An International Refleetional” ChristianIV’s Bibliotek I “Runde Taarn”, Copenhagen
2004 Quintet” (B. Baykam, T. Atagök, S. Demirtaş, İ. Doğan, Y. Taktak) Binyıl Sanat Gallery, Istanbul
2005 “A FactSheet – Production of Art in the 1980s” Exhibition, Karşı Art Works,  İstanbul Curated by B. Madra
2006 “Anywhere But Here”, Ankara Central Railway Station, Ankara, Haydarpaşa Railway Station, Istanbul
  “Natür-Mort” (Still-Life), Gallery Galerist, Istanbul
2007 “Prevision.”, Gallery Besiktas Cagdas, Istanbul

“Freak-Bizarre-Askew-Broken-Strange”(D. Üster, B. Soyuer, A.E. Kumtepe, İ. Tokaslan, İ. Doğan, H. İldeniz Daire Art Gallery , İstanbul,

Curated by İsmet. Doğan


“Contemporary Art Fair 2009”, Daire Art Galley, İstanbul, TURKEY


“From Traditional to Contemporary”, İstanbul Museum of Modern Art, İstanbul Turkey, Cabaoğlu Art Gallery, Shangai, China


“It was a Time of Conversation”Salt Gallery Galata, İstanbul


“Cockaigne”, Pasajist, İstanbul


"Chaos Et Desequilibre"Chalabi Art Gallery, İstanbul Turkey


“Where Am I?”, Kare Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey





 2012        “Eat Me”, Mim Art & Antiques Gallery, İstanbul

2012        “Fragments”, Yeşilçam Cinema - Installation in Cinema, İstanbul

2011        “All is External: Yerim Seni”Alan İstanbul, Istanbul

2010        "Gelenekten Çağdaşa"

2008        "Yakın Plan"

2008        "Emek Sineması"

1999        "Et Abjection" / AKM

1996         Taşkışla - ITU

1995        "Devlet Şiddet Sefalet"

1993         Üsküp Kent Müzesi

1992         Urart Sanat Galerisi

1992         Taksim Sanat Galerisi

1992         "Anı Bellek"